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February 6, 2013

Waiting for the State of the Union Address

  SOTU addresses at the start of a second presidential term are relatively rare phenomena, and in recent times they have also been also relatively ephemeral ones. George W. Bush used his SOTU Address in 2005 to make a prolonged pitch for the partial privatization of Social Security.[1] That pitch went nowhere. read more »
January 5, 2013

A Progressive Second Term? (II) Possibilities

              Two previous recent postings[1] explored the parameters and the prerequisites for a progressive second presidential term for Barack Obama. Each of those postings triggered three broad responses from a largely skeptical audience. read more »
April 24, 2012

Taking the Republicans to Task: (5) On Industrial Policy

  The Republican Party likes to pretend (even to itself) that it doesn’t have an industrial policy. It also likes to pretend that the U.S. economy is currently in such deep trouble because the Democratic Party does. Not so. Both parties have industrial policies whether they acknowledge them or not. The American economy is in […] read more »

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