David Coates


Below are my Fictional writings.
If you have any questions, please contact me directly.

Christopher Columbus and Me: Thoughts on Entering America

The essay Christopher Columbus and Me: Thoughts on Entering America (pdf, word) was first published in 2003 as an entry for the Northcliffe Electronic Publishing Company’s eighth Toowrite competition. Removed from their website in 2009, along with all other eighth competition entries, it is reproduced here.

The Thighs of Rose Tudor-Crump: An Everyday Story of University Folk

FictionThe novel, The Thighs of Rose Tudor-Crump: An Everyday Story of University Folk, was published by Infinity Publishers in December 2008, and reprinted by Library Partners Press in 2016. Its opening chapter is reproduced here. PDF Word

The full novel is available for inspection and purchase at Wake Forest University College Book Store; or online from Barnes & Noble, or Amazon where selected pages are available to be read.

Lying Close to the Sky

FictionLying Close to the Sky was first written in 2002. Like all serious novels, it has now had several iterations and at least one change of title. Shorter, different, and certainly more elegant than its initial draft, the final novel was published in January 2017 under the pen name Robert Cornish. The opening pages are here for your inspection. PDF Word

Available for purchase on Amazon.com.

The book cover for Lying Close to the Sky is “Goddess II,” a painting by Cindy Taplin. To see more of her work, visit CindyTaplin.net.

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