David Coates

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WUNC “State of Things” interview on immigration

Between 1990 and 2005 an average of 1 million immigrants per year came legally
into this country. In 2005 the number of illegal immigrants was estimated at
just over 11 million. Making the distinction between legal and illegal immigration
is just one of the problems vexing national, state and local policy makers.
Legality matters to social services, education and national security, as well
as to highly charged issues of national identity and values. Noah Pickus, from
the Kenan Institute for Ethics at Duke University, in conjunction with the
Brookings Institute, recently convened an immigration policy roundtable to
discuss the history and future of immigration reform in The United States.
He joins Wake Forest Professors David Coates and Peter Siavelis, editors of
the new book, "Getting Immigration Right: What Every American Needs to
Know," to bring the conversation on-air with host Frank Stasio.

Source: http://wunc.org/tsot/archive/sot1124abc09.mp3/view

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