David Coates

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Mike Collins Interview on “Charlotte Talks”

We live in an age of ever-increasing political divisiveness and our rhetoric
reflects that. No matter the topic- trickle-down economics, welfare, social
security, health care, immigration control, war, economics- our discourse seems
to degenerate into shouting matches using jargon. Wouldn’t we benefit
from a different kind of discussion? Of course. And in his book, Answering Back:
Liberal Responses to Conservative Arguments, David Coates takes a stab at that.
We hear what he has to say. Also be sure to join us next Thursday, July 29th
for a discussion with the authors of The Young Conservative’s Field Guide.

Dr. David Coates – Worrell Chair in Anglo-American Studies,
Wake Forest University and Author of Answering Back: Liberal Responses to Conservative

Source: http://www.wfae.org/wfae/18_93_0.cfm?do=detail&id=12110

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