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Midterm Election Analysis: Robert Parry

Midterm Election Analysis, Part 1. Robert Parry of ConsortiumNews sees the election as a continuation of Reaganism; Prof. David Coates of Wake Forest has 3 points of advice for Democrats. Parry is a veteran Washington-based journalist who traces the latest Democratic loss to Reagan’s depiction of government and liberals as evil. We talk about the failure of Obama and the Democrats to clearly blame Bush and the Republicans for creating the mess that led to bailouts and the stimulus bill, and the larger failure of the media to offer context and to contradict the misleading narrative offered by the GOP mainline and Tea Party candidates that the deficits are all Obama’s fault. (more at peterbcollins.com)

Source: http://peterbcollins.com/2010/11/05/midterm-election-analysis-robert-parry-and-prof-david-coates/

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