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September 22, 2012

A Progressive Primer on the Issue of America’s Debt Problem – Ten Things You Really Need to Know

  Central to the Republican critique of the Obama Administration in this election cycle has been the Administration’s supposed failure to address and resolve the problem of America’s growing debt. There is much wild and loose talk in beltway circles these days about federal over-spending, about federal over-borrowing, about the nation steadily going broke, and […] read more »
September 8, 2012

A Tale of Two Conventions

    Charles Dickens came to mind again this week – his opening to A Tale of Two Cities – his intriguing contrast between “the best of times….the worst of times…the age of wisdom…the age of foolishness.” His cities were London and Paris. Ours were Tampa and Charlotte, but the contrasts remain the same. As […] read more »
September 5, 2012

The Romney Pitch – Melissa Harris-Perry MSNBC

I was privileged to join Melissa Harris-Perry and her other guests in the New York studios of MSNBC on the Saturday morning after the Republican convention in Tampa. Melissa was keen to explore with us why so many of the statements made by leading Republicans at the convention failed to pass the ‘fact-checker’ test. She […] read more »

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