David Coates

June 15, 2011

Green Politics in the Wake of the November Mid-Term: Updating Chapter 4

  When Making the Progressive Case went off to the publisher in late December 2010, the green agenda in the United States had already stalled; and since then the gap between the U.S. and the best of the rest has continued to widen. Three developments have been  particularly striking in the intervening six months; read more »
February 4, 2011

Making the Case for a Green Economy

(Chapter outline) GREEN POLITICS AND THE OBAMA ADMINISTRATION THE CASE AGAINST GOING GREEN Global Warming as a Manufactured Issue Global Warming as an Exaggerated Issue Global Warming as a Hyped Issue Global Warming as an Excuse for Bad Policy Market Solutions to Global Warming THE CASE FOR GOING GREEN Climate Change is No Hoax “Seven […] read more »

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