David Coates

October 12, 2011

Trade Policy: Countering the Walmart Effect

  Bipartisanship in Washington is rare these days, but it does occasionally surface. It did this week, when the Senate passed the “Currency Exchange Rate Oversight Reform Act”(S.1619) – the one sponsored by Democratic Senator Sherrod Brown and co-sponsored by 22 other Senators, including five Republicans.[1] read more »
June 15, 2011

Free Trade/Fair Trade: An update for Chapter 3

The unalloyed advantages of free trade are among the most unquestioned premises of the age. On both sides of the political divide here in the United States, all but a few isolated voices subscribe to the view that free trade is necessarily good for all the parties associated with it: read more »
February 4, 2011

Making the Case for Managed Trade

(Chapter Outline) THE CASE FOR GLOBAL FREE TRADE Exploiting comparative advantage The many benefits of untrammeled free trade Any costs associated with of free trade are temporary, slight and focused, whilst its benefits are permanent, substantial and general Free trade is unambiguously good for America Free Trade is good for the “South” as well as […] read more »

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